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Stretch marks are a common side effect of pregnancy, although you can get these unsightly lines from other causes as well. Even if these marks don’t cause you any discomfort, their presence can have an adverse impact on how you feel about your appearance. At Las Vegas Aesthetics, Thomas Pulice, PA-C offers treatments to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks for patients in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Stretch Marks Q & A

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What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are lines that form on your skin when it’s stretched out. You might have these marks on your abdominal area, flank, thighs, hips, or breasts, although they can occur in other areas. Stretch marks can take on different appearances, including:

  • Streaks that have a pinkish, reddish, or purplish color
  • Streaked lines that occur on large parts of your body
  • Streaks that are indented
  • Streaks that are bright in some areas and lighter in other areas

Why do I have stretch marks?

Stretch marks form when your skin is stretched from pregnancy or rapid changes in weight. You can also get stretch marks if you have breast enlargement surgery. The severity of your stretch marks depends on certain factors, such as a family history of these marks and the level of cortisone in your body. Higher cortisone levels, which can occur if you take corticosteroids, make it easier for your skin to stretch.

How can I reduce stretch marks?

Thomas Pulice, PA-C offers micro needling and platelet rich plasma to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. The type of treatment that will benefit you the most depends on certain factors, such as how severe your stretch marks are. Thomas Pulice, PA-C will discuss your treatment options and recommend the most suitable one.

What is micro needling?

Micro needling makes use of your body’s natural healing abilities to reduce stretch marks. Thomas Pulice, PA-C uses a specialized device that slides thin needles into the upper layers of your skin in the targeted areas. These needles break up stretch marks and help stimulate the production of collagen fibers, leading to healthier skin that has a smoother appearance.

What is platelet rich plasma?

Platelet rich plasma injections also use your body’s healing abilities for reducing stretch marks. This type of therapy involves removing a sample of blood from your body and separating the platelets from it. Thomas Pulice, PA-C then injects plasma filled with these platelets into the targeted areas to promote healing and collagen growth, which minimizes the appearance of stretch marks. You might experience some soreness after these injections, but this is temporary.

If you’re looking for treatment for stretch marks, please contact Las Vegas Aesthetics to set up an appointment with Thomas Pulice, PA-C.

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