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When you want changes made to enhance your breasts, you don’t have to resort to surgical procedures for it. You can have organic lift done using your body’s plasma and dermal fillers. At Las Vegas Aesthetics, Thomas Pulice, PA-C offers the Vampire Facelift® to women in Las Vegas, Nevada who want nonsurgical breast lift done.

Vampire Breast Lift Q & A

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Why should I consider Organic Breast Lift?

Organic Breast Lift offers a way to enhance your breasts without the risks associated with breast lift surgery. When you have surgery done, you face certain risks, such as general anesthesia, infections, bleeding, and damage to muscles and other tissue in the area. Organic breast lift minimizes risks since it mainly involves the use of your body’s plasma.

What is Organic Breast lift with PRP?

Organic Breast lift uses a similar process to The Vampire Facelift; it involves using a combination of your plasma, which is turned into Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix, and dermal fillers to rejuvenate your skin and make your breasts appear plumper. Thomas Pulice, PA-C uses Voluma®, Restylane Lyft®, or Juvederm® fillers, all of which contain a gel with hyaluronic acid that boosts volume in the targeted area. The use of platelet-rich plasma stimulates collagen growth, leading to firmer and more youthful-looking skin.

What can I expect during Organic Breast lift?

Thomas Pulice, PA-C will administer dermal fillers, which involves giving injections into targeted areas. You shouldn’t experience any serious discomfort during this part of treatment, although you might feel a slight pinching sensation. You’ll also have blood drawn to prepare the platelet-rich plasma for injections.

At Las Vegas Aesthetics, you’ll have about five times more blood drawn than you would at most other places, yet, still a fraction of when you donate a pint of blood. This is safe and helps ensure that your body has plenty of platelet-rich plasma for smoother, plumper, and healthier skin.

How is platelet-rich plasma created?

Thomas Pulice, PA-C uses your blood sample to create this plasma, which you receive as injections that will add volume to your breasts. A centrifugal device separates the platelets in your blood. These platelets are used to create Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix, which has a higher degree of bio-activity than regular platelet-rich plasma. He then injects the specifically activated plasma into the targeted areas to stimulate collagen production.

How long do results of organic breast lift last?

Results from this type of treatment vary from patient to patient. However, you should start noticing results around three weeks after treatment. Over the next few months, you’ll continue seeing results as new tissue growth occurs. In general, results tend to last for roughly 12-18 months. Possibly longer.

If you want to learn more about Organic Breast lift, please contact Las Vegas Aesthetics to schedule an appointment with Thomas Pulice, PA-C.

*Individual results may vary

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